What is BodyMind Coaching

BodyMind Coaching is an approach different than a typical life coach. Nikki uses this technique to help her clients learn to lean inward and embody. Reconnecting the body as a whole unit. Encouraging her clients to make more empowered and aligned choices.

Our Culture is buying the story that stress is tolerable, and just part of life. That busy is good and that pain is just life. That it's OK to push off health for another day, that its OK to tolerate unhealthy cycles from past generations.

If you stop an look around our culture is unhealthy, Deadly diseases, and Mental diseases are skyrocketing. Our bodies are screaming at us that something is off.

Nikki has a strong connection to her intuition. She takes all the information she gathers with her clients to help them design perfect action plan together. This method leaves her clients feeling more present, connected, and fulfilled within themselves.  Nikki is passionate about helping clients who are over being 'comfortable' with being uncomfortable. She invites you to sit with that and ask yourself, Are you sacrificing your deepest desires/purpose so things stay 'comfortable' for either yourself or others? But truly you are unsatisfied, and uncomfortable. Did you know that when you are not living in alignment with your purpose your body (or maybe it's the Spirit within you) lets you know? Are you in pain because you are not living in true Alignment?

With BodyMind coaching Nikki helps her clients breakthrough habits, and patterns in their life that are keeping them stressed and in pain. It is her mission to support and guide her community in BodyMind Transformations! Bodywork or Massage addresses the physical effects that stress has on the body and BodyMind coaching helps with the mental/emotional piece, by helping clients learn to tune in to the body as a whole unit and listen to the messages they are getting from it.

Some common benefits clients experience are:

Reduced pain and illness

Reduced Emotional Stress

Increased Range of Motion/Flexibility

Enhanced Soft Tissue Healing

Better Sleep Patterns

Achieving Goals
Better Relationships

Fertility Support
and More!

If you’re ready to embark on a journey to live more present, connected, and fulfilled within yourself, and breakthrough habits and patterns in your life that are keeping you stressed and in pain, Nikki invites you to schedule a session or a discovery call.

"A discovery call is a free call that allows us to chat about what you are seeking and Let’s us see if we are a good fit to work together" ~Nikki