Nikki offers a Variety of Courses and Workshops

Partner Course: Nikki offers Partner classes. Do you wish you could give your loved ones a better massage? Nikki loves to teach how to conduct a simple massage, that will leave your loved one feeling your connection. Of course it needs to be understood that this isn't a professional certification. This is only a lesson that you can then share with your loved ones. If you are looking to become licensed massage therapist legally and charge for your services please seek an a credited school. Nikki would be more than happy to visit with you about her experiences. Please schedule a Discovery Call

Infant/Children massage Course: Infants and children can really benefit from massage. While Nikki offer's Infant/Children services. Nikki also offers lessons to parents on how to safely give their little one's a massage.

Essential Oil Education: Essential oils are Nikki's jam. She truly believes they are an essential part of her healing. She will walk you through the basics and give you easy resources, allowing anyone to use essential oils with confidence.

Retreats and workshops: When you join Nikki's Renew You Transformation Courses you will be invited to a Retreat or Workshop, one of her favorites to host is held in the beautiful Sedona, AZ area.

For more information please Call 402-208-3095