Renew You steps to Transformation Course

My most profound healing came when I got clear. When I got totally out of my habitual patterns and leaned into who I really am. Not who I should be, who I thought I was, or who other people see me to be, BUT who I REALLY am! It has had a profound effect on how I see and hold myself, my relationships with others have shifted! The way I see the world, has shifted! I set goals and achieve goals and while it isn't always easy. I don't feel like I am constantly sabotaged or overturned, I don't feel like I am picking up all the pieces, and starting over again, again.

This inner work along with the 10 years of learning ways to support my body naturally, has helped me find a sense of inner peace, joy, happiness, and wellness. Beyond what I have ever thought possible.  I have over come, Asthma, Fertility/Reproductive issues, Chronic Pain and Depression. I still get depressed, and sometimes guilt and anger show up out of nowhere, but these moods are less in duration meaning they last only moments verse days, weeks, even months like they would last when I was in survival mode. I have learned a lot about pain and the link to unprocessed emotions. I (and the Wisdom from my Source) have healed. I see myself as an empowered individual and take responsibility for whatever I perceive and for the emotions I experience. The Freedom of Choice! It’s a beautiful thing! It is my hope that as I heal my own mind and body of fear and negativity, the world will see and like a ripple the people around me and the people around them, will heal.

I learned the principle behind healing and happiness is through self-awareness, through seeing what is unseen, through Faith, through knowing my Source, and knowing my God is with me. Knowing that, it is NOT other people or the situations we are in that cause us to be upset, or feel sabotaged, rather it is our own thoughts and attitudes about these things that are responsible, for our distress. The actions we take as a result of these thoughts, attitudes, and/or emotions can keep us unsatisfied, unhappy, and even cause us pain.

Healing happens when we focus on changing our own attitudes rather than trying to change the attitude of others. Read That again.

With all that said I introduce YOU to my Renew You steps to Transformation Course.

This course gives my clients a safe place to bring their awareness inward.
To discuss what frustrates them, what causes them pain, what causes them to sabotage their dreams and relationships.

A safe place to discover what they truly value,

and fine-tune what gives them peace and joy, and action steps to guide them to all they desire.

Having an aligned coach is important in the process of shifting from uncomfortable familiar habits to Inner Peace and that is where I come in! 

I want to continue to learn more and more about inner peace and I want to invite you to learn with me!

This course is for you, IF YOU…

ARE READY to remove all that blocks you from experiencing unconditional love.

ARE READY to take responsibility for your own happiness, and over all wellness.

ARE READY to create a future that is different from the past.

ARE READY to have a sense of inner peace, even with chaos going on all around you.

ARE READY to make the decision to be happy, to let go of judgements of ourselves and others.

ARE READY to have lasting results.

I don’t know what is BEST for YOU, but I believe that each of us has an innate knowing that can show us the way. YOU might have to break down some old story boards, like old-old maybe not even your story boards. In this course you will become aware of patterns that are so habitual that your mind-body is on Auto Pilot. I believe that it is possible to transform our minds and bodies allowing these shifts to come easily. Reach out and join in with me in my Renew You steps to Transformation Course. Schedule a FREE Discovery Call.

My own personal healing journey has led me to a place of empowerment, fulfillment, and finding my own Self Worth. Which brought me to discovering THIS IS MY PURPOSE to support and guide BodyMind Transformations! Your FREE Discovery Call is to discuss the Renew You steps to Transformation Course, to see if the course is right for you, and to discuss the course outline and details.

NOTE: You do not have to be local to join this course. What is nice about this work is it can all be done virtual. While I do have in-person options, do not let distance detour you from reaching out.

Does this sound great to you but your worried about certain words like... God...Spirit... Source? Listen I totally FEEL YOU! I was you. My Faith has grown stronger over the last few years, as I lean inward it just makes sense to me, but please do not let this detour you. I will not be pushy, although this practice does talk about practical spirituality. I think it supports and is compatible with all faiths.